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    When buying for your brother, feel free to throw practicality and caution to the wind with a gift that’s both trendy and undeniably cool.  It is a universal law that men love gizmos and gadgets; from RC helicopters and cars to bluetooth caller ID watches.  Indulge his inner geek with a sleek, state-of-the-art thingamabob. If your brother’s curiosity knows no bounds, satisfy his enquiring mind with cutting-edge digital camera binoculars.  Whether by land, sea or airborne, these binoculars allow the user to zoom in and capture the action with photos and videos.  Your brother can watch thrilling sports matches or enjoy nature and wildlife watching like never before. Electronic gifts For brothers that already have every gadget and doodad under the sun, a charging station is the ideal gift for him.  Belkin, Bluelounge and Messless charging stations allow him to simultaneously charge his iPhone4, Canon Powershot and iPad2, eliminating the need for charging accessories and bulky power cords. Music lovers know the importance of first-rate headphones for a superior sound quality.  Wireless headphones allow him to move freely from the basement to the kitchen while enjoying his favorite pla...

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  • Farewell »

    Whether it’s for a month, a year, or indefinitely, saying goodbye is never easy.   Convey your heartfelt emotion and warm farewell wishes with a poignant gift that will remind them of your precious time spend together. For a gift with mileage, a deluxe cosmetics bag, luggage tags or passport holder allows them to take a piece of home with them as they experience life abroad.  Luxurious patent and soft leather designs ensure their passport is safe and easy to locate. Say “farewell” with an antique pendant or keepsake locket set with their favorite picture.  Silver, pearl and onyx necklaces designed with delicate rose accents evoke the glamour and romance of a Parisian adventure and make the perfect gift for young women. Bon voyage Whether they are leaving for a bright and balmy locale or a crisp and frosty one, they will need time to acclimatizing to their new surroundings.  A cozy wool scarf and faux fur lined gloves are ideal for chilly temperatures, while a silk wrap and sun hat will keep them cool in tropical climates. Give them the send-off they deserve with a farewell gift that reflects the meaning and affection of your relationship....

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