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    Easter is a special time that brings people together to celebrate and honor the traditions of the holy weekend.  Ea...

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    Buying for your fiancée requires foresight and precision. By now you presumably have a general understanding about ...

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    Whether for a house warming party or to thank the host and hostess, gifts for the home and garden should be both per...

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    21st Birthday »

    Freedom 21st birthdays mark the official end to all restrictions and the beginning of full-fledged adulthood.  Accor...

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  • Fiancée »

    Buying for your fiancée requires foresight and precision. By now you presumably have a general understanding about her style and in-depth knowledge of her passions and hobbies. This useful information will translate into a thoughtful and remarkable gift that she will remember for years to come. Corporate-minded women know the importance of organization and streamlining, which makes a smartphone upgrade an ideal gift. From the Blackberry Bold to the Samsung Galaxy, the latest smartphone models are all-in-one devices that will help her keep appointments on track and communication up to speed. Fashionistas Fashion is universally loved by women, whether in a creative or corporate environment. Designer clothing and accessories are a clever wardrobe investment that will last her for years to come. A classic Burberry trench coat or Michael Kors handbag suits both professional and casual attire. A luxurious leather satchel or tote offers a chic alternative to the standard brief case. If your fiancée has an iPad or iPhone, a stylish case is an essential accessory. There will be no mistaking her iPhone or iPad for another with a deluxe protective case in patent leather or a bold animal print. Imp...

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  • Father's Day »

    Although fathers may downplay their gift urges on Father’s Day, you can be sure he won’t be disappointed this year if you go ahead splurge on that gadget he’s been coveting for months.  While we may not ever understand his never-ending quest for home improvement tools or model cars, it’s the joy and surprise that that dad will remember this Father’s Day. Executive dads will not only benefit professionally from a Blackberry Playbook, they will also enjoy the innovative features of the tablet designed to work in conjunction with Blackberry smartphones.  The superior flash performance and a multitude of business and entertainment apps, the Playbook is the ultimate device for work and play. Unique gift ideas Dads who enjoy keeping fit can take their performance to new levels with Reebok’s RealFlex Runners.  These innovative shoes are equipped with sensors for a smooth and lightweight training experience.  The RealFlex soles mimic the natural movement of our feet for a running shoe that fits like a glove. Your dad may insist that he doesn’t need a smartphone, but soon he’ll wonder how he ever got along without one.  With a sleek 8 megapixel camera, iCloud, Siri, wireless st...

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