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  • April Fool's Day »

    Although the exact origin of April Fool’s Day is unknown, it is celebrated worldwide with gusto and enthusiasm.  The challenge of inventing creative ways to laugh at another’s expense is a time-honored tradition that dates back to 536 B.C. Iran.  The Iranian custom of playing pranks on the 13th day of the New Year is related to the superstition surrounding unlucky number 13. It is believed that laughter will replace the negative energy of this day, which falls on either the first or second of April. Other early references to April Fool’s Day can be found in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, as well as works by French poet Eloy d'Amerval and Flemish poet Eduard de Dene. Throughout the centuries, there have been legendary April Fool’s Pranks that have set the bar for future generations and kept the spirit of the day alive. Legendary pranks In 1638, people were fooled into attending the Annual Lion Washing Ceremony at the Tower of London; in 1957 the BBC aired a documentary that showed Swiss people harvesting spaghetti trees; and in 1998, Burger King introduced the world to the Left Handed Whopper. Whether you decide to gift your friend and iPhone box filled with heavy metal, or to misp...

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  • Father's Day »

    Although fathers may downplay their gift urges on Father’s Day, you can be sure he won’t be disappointed this year if you go ahead splurge on that gadget he’s been coveting for months.  While we may not ever understand his never-ending quest for home improvement tools or model cars, it’s the joy and surprise that that dad will remember this Father’s Day. Executive dads will not only benefit professionally from a Blackberry Playbook, they will also enjoy the innovative features of the tablet designed to work in conjunction with Blackberry smartphones.  The superior flash performance and a multitude of business and entertainment apps, the Playbook is the ultimate device for work and play. Unique gift ideas Dads who enjoy keeping fit can take their performance to new levels with Reebok’s RealFlex Runners.  These innovative shoes are equipped with sensors for a smooth and lightweight training experience.  The RealFlex soles mimic the natural movement of our feet for a running shoe that fits like a glove. Your dad may insist that he doesn’t need a smartphone, but soon he’ll wonder how he ever got along without one.  With a sleek 8 megapixel camera, iCloud, Siri, wireless st...

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