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    Bad gifts create discomfort, disappointment, anger and can spoil an otherwise joyous occasion.  In this age of information where a world of selection is at our fingertips, there are simply no more good excuses for bad gifts.  Here is a list of gifts to avoid at all costs. No matter how great the want or need, household appliances are by no means suitable gifts.  Sure your mom may rave on about the new state-of-the-art microwave or blender in Macy’s, but household appliances are neither unique nor memorable gifts. Although the temptation may be great, buying office products for co-workers is like bringing owls to Athens.  Surely all they need for the office is in the supply room.   Focus on their hobbies outside the office instead. Gifts for couples Gifts for the two of you, such as weekend getaways or concert tickets, are no-gos, unless it’s to celebrate a joint occasion, such as an anniversary.  The same goes for lingerie; don’t be fooled into thinking that buying lingerie for yourself or for her counts as a thoughtful and generous gift.   Gifts for two are best as secondary or “bonus” gifts. Remember: nobody benefits from a bad gift!...

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  • April Fool's Day »

    Although the exact origin of April Fool’s Day is unknown, it is celebrated worldwide with gusto and enthusiasm.  The challenge of inventing creative ways to laugh at another’s expense is a time-honored tradition that dates back to 536 B.C. Iran.  The Iranian custom of playing pranks on the 13th day of the New Year is related to the superstition surrounding unlucky number 13. It is believed that laughter will replace the negative energy of this day, which falls on either the first or second of April. Other early references to April Fool’s Day can be found in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, as well as works by French poet Eloy d'Amerval and Flemish poet Eduard de Dene. Throughout the centuries, there have been legendary April Fool’s Pranks that have set the bar for future generations and kept the spirit of the day alive. Legendary pranks In 1638, people were fooled into attending the Annual Lion Washing Ceremony at the Tower of London; in 1957 the BBC aired a documentary that showed Swiss people harvesting spaghetti trees; and in 1998, Burger King introduced the world to the Left Handed Whopper. Whether you decide to gift your friend and iPhone box filled with heavy metal, or to misp...

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