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    Navigate the cell phone and smartphone universe with ease and convenience with our comprehensive and vast selection.  Find the perfect model to suit their lifestyle; whether you are buying for a child, student, professional or mature adult. The first step in selecting a phone is to determine the purpose of the cell or smartphone; whether it’s for business, pleasure, travel, etc.  If you are buying for a trendy type who likes to keep up with technology, the iPhone, T-Mobile HTC Sensation and the Motorola Droid Bionic are ideal options.  From apps and navigation to music downloads and online shopping, these advanced smartphones act as portable computers that allow 24/7 information access. Top smartphones Business professionals will benefit from the Blackberry Bold, which is designed for emailing, accessing documents and work correspondence.  The Blackberry is renowned for its secure system, which prevents hacking and is known to be the most secure of all smartphones. Many of the cell phones on today’s market offer advanced features, from cameras and navigation to internet and music capabilities.  They are affordable alternatives to smartphones ideal for first time and sporadic cell ...

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    Geeky. It should be a term of affection, not of derision, haven't you watched The Big Bang Theory? And geeky almost invariably means male. Go to any geek-related website, and the catch-all term includes the whole gamut of non-cool topics, including wargames, computer games, comics, toys and the like, and you will discover a world of choice for the man in your life. Yes even the über cool, urban chic metrosexual you think you know so well will go weak at the knees once he learns that in 2011, finally, you can buy a Ghostbusters proton pack backpack. But don't despair, it's not him, its a man thing! And geeky can often mean relatively inexpensive, unless you have your eyes on a batman first edition immaculately preserved in a cellophane, airtight cocoon, of course. Geek chic Maybe a superhero themed skin for his Android smartphone would be enough to tick his geek boxes sufficiently. Otherwise there are all manner of toys, bugs, wind-up monsters and office siege engines that will keep him happy without breaking the bank. So if he dreams all day of owning an LED illuminated umbrella and gazing up at the Tyrell Corporation there is an answer, and if you are not prepared to surf too...

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