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    Freedom 21st birthdays mark the official end to all restrictions and the beginning of full-fledged adulthood.  Accordingly, 21st birthday gifts should reflect the birthday boy or girl’s passion, tastes, and perhaps even their chosen vocation.  Equip them with all they need to venture off into the unknown successfully. Welcoming committee A laptop is a must for any young professional or student.  In an age where many young adults work on the go; in coffee houses, airplanes, hotels or libraries, it is essential to be equipped with an efficient and up-to-date laptop.  iPads are great alternatives to laptops and are ideal for those in creative fields.  If they don’t already have a smart phone or are looking to upgrade, these ingenious devices also act as mini computers and music players; perfect for those with busy lifestyles. Keepsakes are ideal for commemorating a 21st birthday.  Whether you choose to surprise them with a luxury watch, antique pendant or silver bracelet, jewelry is a timeless gift that will forever remind them of this special year. Home furnishings are generally not a top priority for most young adults, therefore making them a practical and valuable gift option.  F...

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  • I Miss You »

    Being apart from friends and loved ones requires a bit of effort and creativity now and again to maintain a relationship that flourishes.  Whether you are apart for weeks, months or even years, remind the person dear to you of the special place they hold in your life with a heartwarming gift that says simply, I Miss You. Stay connected and share events together despite your distance with the Samsung Galaxy Tab.  This clever and portable tablet allows you to communicate with video or instant messaging on the go or in a hotel.  Giving them a virtual tour of your temporary digs or an exciting new city has never been easier with the Galaxy’s lightweight design and multitasking capabilities. Creative gifts If your loved one is embarking on a travel adventure, the Casio Exilim Hybrid GPS camera is the ideal gift.  This cutting edge camera features a worldwide GPS system acts as a travel guide that tracks your location and remembers where each photo was snapped.  The Exilim Hybrid compass will guide them to popular tourist destinations and ensures they will never lose their way. Product junkies both male and female will undoubtedly appreciate a cosmetics bag filled with their favorite beau...

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